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Facilities are what produce assets for your corporation. Some facilities will require you to already own certain assets in order to produce their products. Facilities gain 1 XP for the region they are in for each production cycle. Each level your facility gains will increase its base '+' variant chance by 0.5%.

Name Construction materials Inputs Outputs Profit/Min Production
interval (MM:SS)
Tree farm $100 N/A 2x wood $3.60 0:05
Oil well $100, 100x iron N/A 10x crude oil $6.00 0:10
Coal mine $250, 1,000x wood N/A 8x coal $9.60 0:10
Iron mine $250, 2,000x wood N/A 1x iron $6.00 0:20
Oil refinery $240, 200x iron, 100x crude oil, 50x steel 5x crude oil 1x gasoline $9.00 0:30
Steel mill $150, 250x coal, 500x iron 1x iron, 4x coal 1x steel $8.91~ 0:35
Bauxite mine $150, 5,000x wood, 50x steel N/A 40x bauxite $9.60 0:25
Rubber factory $325, 2,500x wood, 100x steel 8x crude oil 1x rubber $9.30 0:40
Gas station $300, 100x rubber, 100x steel 2x gasoline $15 $20.00 0:15
Furniture factory $450, 5,000x wood, 100x steel 10x wood 1x furniture $14.63~ 4:00
Aluminum factory $450, 300x rubber, 150x steel 10x bauxite 3x aluminum $26.40 0:25
LED factory $2,850, 200x steel, 2,000x wood, 10x silicon 2x silicon 40x LED $36.00 0:50
Polyester factory $500, 500x steel, 10,000x wood 110x crude oil 14x polyester $40.80 0:25
Silicon mine $2,050, 400x steel, 25,000x wood N/A 4x silicon $30.00 3:20
Bicycle factory $3,100, 200x rubber, 10,000x wood, 500x steel 24x aluminum, 8x rubber 1x bicycle $58.67~ 1:30
Gold mine $4,500, 50,000x wood, 1,000x steel N/A 4x gold $48.00 5:00
Lamp factory $10,250, 2,000x rubber, 25,000x wood 12x LED 6x plastic 1x lamp $128.00 0:15
Cotton farm $15,000, 100,000x wood N/A 4x cotton $60.00 0:20
Plastic factory $5,650, 6,000x rubber, 200x steel, 5,000x wood 20x crude oil 200x plastic $235.20 0:25
CCD factory $14,000, 500x glass, 5,000x steel 6x silicon 1x CCD $323.08~ 1:05
Glass factory $30,000, 500x aluminum, 6,000x steel 2x silicon 8x glass $325.71~ 0:35
CPU factory $15,000, 1,000x glass, 10,000x aluminum, 100,000x wood 1x gold, 8x silicon 5x CPU $370.00 2:00
Clothing factory $137,000, 100,000x wood, 1,000x steel 10x cotton, 20x polyester 10x clothing $315.00 0:40
Cell phone factory $32,500, 2,000x glass, 50,000x aluminum, 50,000x wood, 10,000x steel, 100x cpu 1x glass, 5x plastic, 1x CPU 1x cell phone $756.67~ 0:45
Coal power plant $70,000, 200,000x wood, 50,000x steel 50x coal 35x energy $680.00 0:30
Laptop factory $365,000, 10,000x glass, 10,000x aluminum, 10,000x steel, 100,000x wood 2x glass, 8x plastic, 1x CPU 1x laptop $1,116.00 1:30
Research chemical factory $330,000, 50,000x rubber, 10,000x aluminum, 10,000x steel 10x crude oil 4x research chemical $798.00 0:30
Solar power plant $110,000, 250,000x glass, 25,000x aluminum, 5,000x steel N/A 60x energy $400.00 1:30
Rocket fuel factory $1,000,000 10x energy 1x rocket fuel $0.00 15:00
Digital camera factory $320,000, 200,000x glass, 100,000x aluminum, 10,000x steel 100x plastic, 1x CCD 1x digital camera $1087.50 1:20
Television factory $450,000, 10,000x rubber, 10,000x glass, 150,000x aluminum, 10,000x steel 12x glass, 36x plastic, 1x CPU 1x television $1,140.67~ 3:00
Gasoline engine factory $500,000, 100,000x rubber, 100,000x steel 15x steel, 6x rubber 1x gasoline engine $1,116.46~ 4:20
Car factory $6,750,000, 10,000x rubber, 100,000x steel, 3,000x furniture, 1,000x laptop 28x glass, 1,000x plastic, 1x CPU,
1x gasoline engine, 40x steel, 30x rubber
1x car $1,293.00 10:00
Logistics center $8,605,000, 10,000x glass, 250,000x aluminum, 10,000x steel, 250x furniture N/A N/A N/A N/A
Prescription drug factory $3,700,000, 1,000,000x rubber, 10,000x glass, 1,000,000x aluminum 1x research chemical 2x prescription drug $1,080.00 0:50
Airport $20,000,000 20x jet fuel, 20x energy $1,000 $700.00 - $1,400.00 1:00 - 0:30
Retail store $15,485,000, 500x clothing, 100,000x glass, 100,000x aluminum, 100,000x steel, 5,000x furniture Varies Varies Varies 10:00
Research facility $12,877,000, 100x clothing, 100,000x steel, 100,000x research chemical, 600x laptop N/A N/A N/A N/A
Customer support center $43,300,000, 100,000x glass, 100,000x aluminum, 100,000x steel, 5,000x furniture, 1,000x laptop N/A N/A N/A N/A
HQ $32,600,000, 1x logistics expansion, 100,000x glass, 2,000x television, 100,000x steel, 10,000x furniture, 20,000x laptop N/A N/A N/A N/A