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This will be split into 2 parts: The NPC market, where the players buy items and sell them for the base price seen in $$price, and the player market. Just a quick reminder, what you can't buy in the NPC market, you can trade in the player market. Note: Assets listed may have icons next to them. A scale icon indicates that the asset can only be bought from player market. A pink and yellow bag icon indicates that asset can be sold in retail stores.

NPC Market[edit]

The NPC Market is the original market for all your essential needs ever since Update 1.0.0. You can buy and sell there for the prices in the assets page ($$price without asset name at end can be used to reach npc market prices). The buy prices of assets are 2x of the sell prices if the sell price is available for the specific asset. The assets which are shown with a shopping bag are available to be sold in the retail stores, and the assets which are shown with a trade scale are available to be traded in the player market. Some assets cannot be bought in the NPC market, mainly product. The assets are shown with a shopping bag on the asset price page can be scrapped, which produces scrap (the assets include of truck, which cannot be sold in the retail).

Player Market[edit]

Market access[edit]

Market access always requires a logistics center to be built.


Ever since Update 1.5.0, the player market is a way for us to trade between corporations and keep the economy and playing field diverse. For example, one might need furniture for headquarters building but doesn't want to produce furniture. You can instead buy furniture from another player who is creating excess, say because they need retail shop and have ten furniture factorys which actually would produce more furniture than is needed.So at the end you buy your furniture and they get free capital for having ten furniture factorys.

Selling prices[edit]

Here are some prices for assets (updated since v.1.11)

Non-retail items[edit]

Oil: $0.20

CPU: $410-$450

STEEL: $17-$20

GLASS: $65


PLASTIC: $1.20-$2

Furniture: $1.5k-$3k

GAS ENGINE: $10.3k-11k

Research Chemical: $150-$200

Energy: $12-$13

Energy+: $50-$70

Retail Items[edit]

Cars: $30k

Cars+: $100k

Drugs: $700-$750

Drugs+: $2k-$2.5k

Laptops: $3k

Laptops+: $11k



If nobody else is selling, supply and demand should tell you to sell for more. Likewise, a massively overproduced item is NOT worth selling for the prices above. This ranges a span of about 20% higher or lower.