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This is a list of all the updates in reverse chronological order, the newest updates at the top and oldest updates at the bottom. This is so that the newest update is the 1st thing the player sees, which is generally the most important information.

Legend: + : Added something new (new feature, nice. Can also be a bug fix of all shapes and sizes.).

= : Tweaked an implemented feature (nerfs, buffs, and reworks).

- : Removes a feature altogether (Mostly being replaced by a new and better, sometimes improved, feature. Sometimes just completely removed however due to issues with the feature, like causing too many bugs that caused too much harm.)

(number) : refers to the revision number, so (10) means the 10th revision.

Note: From 1.3.6 onwards, there is a git hash (the 7 characters you see on most updates). Before 1.1.4, the posts do not have a version number, however, the version number is implied and can be deduced using only how 1.1.4-1.2 updates work and the text displayed, and how many messages it was split up.


Update 1.12[edit]

Update 1.12.0[edit]


+ Fix bug related to `relic of knowledge`


+ Fix alias for `rocket fuel` conflicting with `research facility`

 `rf` -> `rkf`


+ Fix `rocket fuel` not being able to be sold

+ Fix `rocket fuel` not being able to be traded on the market


+ Fix some bugs related to reincorporation


+ Fix $$vault in DM


+ Added new facilities

 + `space station` (`ss)
   Unlocks galactic expeditions ($$gex) and quantum vault ($$vault)
 + `rocket launch pad` (`rlp`)
   Unlocks the ability to build a `space station`
 + `space station parts factory` (`ssp fac`)
 + `rocket fuel factory` (`rf fac`)

+ Added new assets

 + `rocket`
 + `space station parts` (`ssp`)
 + `rocket fuel` (`rf`)
 + `galactic coordinates i` (`gcoordsi`)
 + `galactic coordinates ii` (`gcoordsii`)
 + `galactic coordinates iii` (`gcoordsiii`)
 + `galactic coordinates iv` (`gcoordsiv`)
 + `galactic coordinates v` (`gcoordsv`)

= Research now rewards one random reward per research facility in the region instead of always rewarding one

= Research rarity chances are now the same no matter how many research facilities you have

+ Research can now reward `rocket` at the Rare tier, and various `galactic coordinates` at all rarities

+ Added $$orbit to monitor your global orbital presence

+ Added $$galacticexpedition ($$gex)

 Go on galactic expeditions to `galactic coordinates` that you received through research
 Rewards include raw materials to exclusive relics

+Added new relics

 + `relic of haste` (`roh`)
 + `relic of prestige` (`rop`)
 + `relic of efficiency` (`roe`)
 + `relic of knowledge` (`rok`)
 Relics have some global effect on your corporation when placed in your quantum vault

+ Added $$vault to access your quantum vault

 Items in your vault have a 50% chance of being kept through reincorporation  

+ Added new tech `quantum stabilization` (`qstab`) and blueprint

 If `quantum stabilization` is installed in the region you reincorporate in, assets in your quantum vault have a `75%` chance of being kept instead.

+ Added $$userelic to use consumable relics like `relic of knowlege`

+ Added filters for relics `is:relic` and galactic coordinates `is:gcoords`

Update 1.11[edit]

Update 1.11.8[edit]


+ Add message to market notifications showing that assets gained from the market will arrive in `$$logistics`.


+ Fix $0.00 being added into logistics inbox


+ Fix $$donateservice saying the wrong amount of capital after donating

+ Add icon for `bicycle`

= Bicycle's production recipe has been updated

 Steel 12x -> 0x
 Aluminum 0x -> 24x
 Rubber 8x = 8x

+ Add `csc` as an alias for `customer support center`

+ Market commands now use logistics inbox

Update 1.11.7[edit]


+ Fix an issue with $$f not showing facilities for some users

+ Update the $$offers command to be more clear about premium tiers

Update 1.11.6[edit]


+ Fix subscription payments sometimes not granting the benefits automatically


+ Fix $$sa not demolishing the correct amount if used to demolish facilities


+ Behind the scenes updates


+ Allow offers in locked slots to be cancelled after a premium subscription is over

+ Fix research notifications being sent for a research project from before reincorporation

Update 1.11.5[edit]


+ Fix $$build saying not enough capital when you have *exactly* enough


+ Show latency from Discord gateway in $$ping


+ Added `arrival`, `arrived`, `exports`, `export` as aliases for arrivals when using $$claim

- Rocket fuel can no longer be sold and will no longer show up in $$price

= The old $$help has been moved to $$commands

= $$help has been replaced with a new $$tutorial

Update 1.11.4[edit]


+ Added `petrol` as an alias for gasoline

+ Added `petrol engine` as an alias for gasoline engine

- $$research no longer asks if you want to finish instantly if you don't have enough gratitude points to do so

Update 1.11.3[edit]


+ You can now $$sellall with filters like with $$a and $$price


+ Fix $$retailname sometimes not working correctly

+ Fix $$export sometimes not exporting the correct number of trucks

+ Fix $$develop not formatting the number of owned assets correctly

Update 1.11.2[edit]


+ Fix $$logistics showing the wrong destination region code for exports

+ Added `robo auto` as an alias for robotic automation and its blueprint and upgrades

+ Added `adv ww` as an alias for advanced woodworking and its blueprint and upgrades

Update 1.11.1[edit]


+ Exporting blueprints now uses a lot less gasoline

+ Fix $$reincorporate not giving the correct starting land and facilities

+ Fix a typo with the truck factory description

Update 1.11.0[edit]

3e8178f: Logistics[edit]

+ Added new product `truck`

+ Added new facility `truck factory`

+ Added new regional modifiers for `truck factory`

+ You can now export up to three times from a given region

 Each export using `truck` takes 30 minutes
 Each export using `truck+` takes 15 minutes

+ Exports now use trucks and gasoline scaling off of the total value of the assets being exported

+ Added $$logistics command to view logistics information in your region

+ $$give now sends items into your regional inbox to prevent any more save bugs

+ Added $$claim to claim items which have arrived from exports, and items in your regional inbox

+ Added new technologies to aid in gasoline production

 vacuum distillation
 vacuum distillation u

Update 1.10[edit]

Update 1.10.3[edit]


+ Behind the scenes updates


+ Fix auto-buy in $$dev buying assets that are normally not buyable with $$buy


+ Fix $$give that broke in 6c63497


+ Added new technology

 Reincorporation computer: If you have at least 4x technologies installed in this region, reduces your reincorporation cooldown in this region to 2 hours.

+ Fixed $$give sometimes not giving to the target corporation even after taking from the user corporation.

Update 1.10.2[edit]


+ Voting now also rewards a base Pass XP of 200.

+ Standard and Plus challenges now give

 50 -> 100 Pass XP

+ Added $$v as alias for $$vote

+ Added $$sa as alias for $$sellall

+ Added a 24 hour cooldown to $$rebirth

Update 1.10.1[edit]


+ Fix IdleCorp+ market slots


+ Fix using 'all' and 'max' as amounts for market commands


+ Fix number overflow in $$mbuy and $$msell

+ Fix $$dev sometimes not showing missing assets

+ Something heavy ;)

Update 1.10.0[edit]


+ Fix some challenges not showing the required asset


+ Fix weekly bonus display

+ Fix sort order for seasonal leaderboards


+ Fix reincorporate not rewarding Pass XP

734c328: Season 1[edit]

+ Each corporation now has a Season Pass accessible with $$pass

+ Season Passes accumulate XP from reincorporation and daily challenges throughout the course of the season and will not be reset by reincorporation

+ Each Season Pass level will unlock a new bonus

+ Daily challenges and progress can be checked with $$daily

+ Season Pass XP and Level are now shown on $$c

+ There are now weekly rewards that can be unlocked from the Season Pass claimable with $$weekly

+ The leaderboard command has been updated to show seasonal rankings with $$lb server season or $$lb global season

+ There are now asset filters for $$a and $$price:

 is:plus, not:plus - (+) assets
 is:trade, not:trade - trade-able assets
 is:tech, not:tech - technologies
 is:blueprint, not:blueprint - blueprints
 is:locked, not:locked - locked assets in your region
 is:product, not:product - retail products
 These filters can also be combined by separating with commas without spaces like is:product,not:plus

+ The region code for the HQ region is now HQ

+ $$dev now shows the correct amount of capital being used for auto-buy

Update 1.9[edit]

Update 1.9.10[edit]


+ Fix production time being displayed incorrectly in $$facilities for premium members


+ Fix Server Boosters missing some benefits from IdleCorp+

+ Adjust construction materials for Air traffic control to match HQ

 airport tram blueprint 1 -> 0
 airport tram 0 -> 1


+ You can now use 12x tokens on a wildcard blueprint

+ Wildcard blueprints have been added which can be developed into any technology

+ The construction materials for HQ has been adjusted

 logistics expansion blueprint 1 -> 0
 logistics expansion 0 -> 1

+ You can now use $$price on facilities while specifying an amount

+ Using $$examine on a blueprint now shows the rarity in text in addition to the color stripe on the side of the embed

Update 1.9.9[edit]


+ Fix $$give allowing land to be given


+ Fix $$give not working for some platforms

+ Fix Platinum not being displayed even though it was active

(80) b37109b: Membership[edit]

+ You can now sign in to MarketView

+ MarketView now shows the 50 most recent offers made

+ Premium membership subscriptions are now available on MarketView

 New membership benefits can be found on MarketView
 You can now save 50% on an annual subscription

- Patreon subscriptions are now considered legacy

+ Existing patrons have been given new membership plans

 If you are a patron and would like to migrate to the new system, DM me and I can migrate the remainder of your Patreon subscription to our new system for free.

+ Added a premium only $$give command to give assets directly to another corporation

Update 1.9.8[edit]

(79) 47e66c0[edit]

+ You can now include the amount of blueprints to develop with $$dev

= Some blueprints have had their rarities adjusted

 Gold detector blueprint
   Rare -> Uncommon
 Jet fuel refining blueprint
   Rare -> Uncommon

+ Research results should be more evenly distributed

Update 1.9.7[edit]

(78) 00f9419[edit]

= Some blueprints have had their rarities adjusted

 Oil specialization blueprint
   Superior -> Rare
 Factory specialization blueprint
   Superior -> Rare

Update 1.9.6[edit]


+ Fix airports not being able to be built

(77) faf5b4a[edit]

= Research facility chances have been adjusted

 5x Research facilities and less
   No change
 6x Research facilities
   Common 1% -> 1%
   Uncommon 64% -> 61%
   Rare 30% -> 30%
   Superior 5% -> 8%
 7x Research facilities
   Common 1% -> 1%
   Uncommon 51.5% -> 37%
   Rare 40% -> 50%
   Superior 7.5% -> 12%
 8x Research facilities
   Common 1% -> 1%
   Uncommon 46% -> 23%
   Rare 45% -> 60%
   Superior 8% -> 16%

= Research energy+ costs have been adjusted

 50k per facility past 6x -> 500k per facility past 6x

+ $$lockasset and $$unlockasset can now be used to lock ALL assets in the region with `$$lockasset all`

+ `$$sell all` now also works the same as $$sellall

Update 1.9.5[edit]

(76) 731b807[edit]

+ UI for $$dev has been updated to show missing materials just like $$build

+ $$dev will also allow you to auto-buy the missing materials

+ Added some art for blueprints and technologies

Update 1.9.4[edit]


+ Added art for most assets


+ Fix air traffic control not appearing in $$faclist

(75) 0d3170e[edit]

= Airport tram can now reduce airport production time to as low as 0:20

+ Added new facility

 Air traffic control

+ Airport now requires air traffic control to be built

= Facility build requirements have been adjusted

   airport tram blueprint 1 -> 0
   furniture 5,000 -> 2,000
 Prescription drug factory
   rubber 1,000,000 -> 100,000
   aluminum 1,000,000 -> 250,000

= Technologies have been adjusted

 Mining specialization
   now raises the level of mines by 4

+ Added quality control u upgrade

 Raises the level of all facilities by 4

Update 1.9.3[edit]

(74) 34cdd60[edit]

+ $$build now has the option for you to auto-buy the assets required to build if you have enough hourly asset limit remaining and if the missing materials can normally be bought with $$buy

= Research now only costs 50k energy+ per facility if you have more than 6 research facilities.

= Some construction material requirements were adjusted

 car factory
   furniture 4,000 -> 2,000
 logistics center
   furniture 1,000 -> 250

Update 1.9.2[edit]


+ Fixed $$f not working for some corporations


+ Add existing amounts of materials to $$build and $$res

+ Fix facilities not producing "+" assets if they weren't set with $$scp

(73) 051d84c[edit]

+ Facilities now have a base 0.5% chance per level to produce a "+" variance asset regardless of whether it is set to consume "+" assets

+ Facilities which are set to consume "+" assets now have their "+" production chance doubled

+ Added new technology and blueprint

 Energy specialization

+ Streamlined responses for $$build and $$res

+ Fixed advanced woodworking uu and log loader uu

Update 1.9.1[edit]

(72) 62d481e[edit]

+ Added new UI to show missing materials for $$build and $$res

= Updated construction materials for:

   furniture 50,000 -> 5,000
 Research facility
   laptop 1,000 -> 600
   clothing 0 -> 100
 Car factory
   furniture 50,000 -> 4,000
   furniture 200,000 -> 10,000
 Logistics center
   aluminum 1,500,000 -> 250,000
   car 100 -> 0
   furniture 0 -> 1000
 Retail store
   furniture 100,000 -> 5,000
   clothing 0 -> 500
 All capital costs have been adjusted to keep the total value the same

Update 1.9.0[edit]

(71) cad2a95: Assets+[edit]

+ All assets now have a "+" variant

 This will be indicated in their asset name (eg. "laptop+")

+ All facilities will now have a chance of producing a "+" variant asset if all of its inputs are the "+" variant

+ Added $$scp and $$ucp to set or unset a facility from consuming "+" variant assets

+ A facility's chance of producing a "+" variant will scale off of its level

 +0.5% per level

+ Facilities now gain XP for each production cycle in the region it's built

+ Facilities now require certain assets in addition to capital to build

 The total value of capital and assets at base value is equal to the build cost from before
 $$price and $$examine has been updated to show the new material cost

+ Each product and each technology now has a scrap value associated with it

 $$examine has been updated to show this value if the asset being examined can be scrapped

+ Added $$scrap to scrap products and technologies

+ Added $$addxp to feed scrap into facilities to add XP to them at a rate of 1 XP per scrap

+ Added new technologies

 Quality control
 Factory specialization
 Mining specialization
 Oil specialization
 Advanced woodworking uu
 Log loader uu

+ Added new service

 Fiber infrastructure

+ Research now has a capital cost of $1m in addition to the existing energy cost

+ Research now has an energy+ cost of 50k for each research facility past the first in addition to other existing costs

 The energy+ cost of research with just 1 facility is 0
 The energy+ cost of research with 8 facilities is 350k

+ $$buyall has been fixed for large sums

+ A bug involving asset calculations has been fixed

Update 1.8[edit]

Update 1.8.5[edit]

(70) 4ca1030[edit]

+ Fixed certain unintended behaviors that allowed certain corporations to gain capital much faster than normal

Update 1.8.4[edit]


+ $$boffers and $$soffers now have links to MarketView

(69) d807980[edit]

+ Behind the scenes changes to allow for a market monitoring website

Update 1.8.3[edit]


+ Reduced delay for Patreon roles across all shards


+ Fixed graphical issues for some devices


+ Fixed ballot timer

(68) 7fa4bc2[edit]

= Land price has been changed back to their original price.

= The cap for land discounts is now 40 tokens or 80%.

+ Fixed price command to only relevant prices.

+ Added plural aliases for some assets.

Update 1.8.2[edit]


+ Fixed Patreon vote rewards.


+ Fixed Patreon supporter roles for some servers.

(67) ce93e1d[edit]

= Logistics centers now raise your hourly asset purchase limit by $2m instead of $1m.

= Logistics expansion and logistics expansion u now set your logistics centers' limits to $4m and $5m respectively.

+ Added $$wiki command to link to wiki.

+ Added $$ping command to quickly check if the bot is responding.

+ Fixed Patreon supporter roles not getting their rewards.

Update 1.8.1[edit]

(66) b788cf1[edit]

+ Added gold detector uu upgrade

Update 1.8.0[edit]

(65) 3ca8af5[edit]

+ All assets are now tradeable on the live market.

+ All assets are now buyable from $$buy at 2x the base value.

+ Region production modifiers now have a 0.5% chance of a 50% variance.

+ Regions are guaranteed to have at least one modifier with >25% variance.

+ Region production modifiers now change every two days instead of one week.

Update 1.7[edit]

Update 1.7.6[edit]


+ Production now prioritizes the most upgraded technology if multiple of the same kind are installed.


+ Fixed an issue preventing $$motto and $$name from working for some corporations.


+ Fixed $$canceloffer canceling the offer anyway even if you press X


+ Fixed coal detector uu description to match its actual effect

(64) aa15d4e[edit]

= Changed coal detector uu to produce 80x coal per production cycle

+ Added oil mapping uu for 100x oil per production cycle

Update 1.7.5[edit]

(63) 1b71872[edit]

+ Fixed typo in $$retailproductname

= Changed coal detector to 12x coal per production cycle

= Changed coal detector u to 16x coal per production cycle

+ Added coal detector uu for 24x coal per production cycle

Update 1.7.4[edit]


+ Land price in a corporation's net worth now considers existing land discounts from redeemed RI tokens

(62) d9e22eb[edit]

= Changed base price of cell phone $800 -> $1,000

= Changed base price of laptop $2,000 -> $2,200

= Changed base price of car $20,000 -> $23,000

= Changed base price of television $4,000 -> $4,500

+ Fixed rarities in $$res card

= Changed retail store production time from 10:00 to 60:00 to more accurately produce at the rate shown in $$retail

= Changed airport recipe

   Jet fuel 20x -> 10x
   Energy 20x -> 25x
   Capital $1,000 -> $1,000 (no change)

Update 1.7.3[edit]

(61) 0192a92[edit]

+ Added robotic automation uu

 Improves all facilities in a region by 6%

= Changed robotic automation u

 Production increase changed from 5% -> 4%

= Changed top end of research rarities

 1-4 research facilities: no change
 5 research facilities:
   Superior 5% -> 4%
   Common 5% -> 6%
 6 research facilities:
   Superior 7.5% -> 5%
   Uncommon 62.5% -> 64%
   Common 0% -> 1%
 7 research facilities:
   Uncommon 52.5% -> 51.5%
   Common 0% -> 1%
 8 research facilities:
   Superior 10% -> 8%
   Rare 50% -> 45%
   Uncommon 40% -> 46%
   Common 0% -> 1%

+ An HQ is now required to be able to build a retail store or customer support center

Update 1.7.2[edit]

(60) 86240f9[edit]

= Changed price algorithm to have more variance in the sign of deviation

= $$c cards now show colors based on supporter roles

Update 1.7.1[edit]


+ Fix quality reputation going over 5.00

(59) e5a1526[edit]

= Tweaked quality reputation algorithm to be more forgiving

= Tweaked customer support reputation algorithm

= Updated $$retail to show demand per store per hour

+ Fixed bug with $$prefix allowing spaces in the prefix causing issues

Update 1.7.0[edit]


+ Fix demand algorithm to account for the set retail price


+ Update $$retail to clarify that amount displayed under "Selling" is the current demand for your product per store

+ Fix a database issue causing some commands to not work

(58) a1c9fce: Retail[edit]

+ Added retail store facility which allows the population to buy consumer products directly from your corporation

+ Added HQ facility which allows your corporation to direct your retail stores

+ Added customer support center which allows your corporation to provide support to your retail customers

+ Added $$retail to show the current status of your retail stores

+ Added several commands to change add retail products, change the prices, etc.

+ Added retail reputation which will determine the demand of your products along with the population of your region

+ Fixed some performance issues in some areas

+ All products which can be sold in retail stores can now be traded on the player market

Update 1.6[edit]

Update 1.6.0[edit]


+ Fixed market price limit affecting the total cost instead of unit price

(57) 3fc870f:Populations[edit]

+ Testing out populations per region before rolling out retail facilities

+ $$region now shows population and total land in the region

+ Added a price limit for assets at 1000x their base value

Update 1.5[edit]

Update 1.5.12[edit]


+ Fixed clothing factory recipe to match wiki

  Now produces 10x clothing

+ Fixed cell phone price to match wiki

  $700 -> $800

+ Fixed LED price to match wiki

  $1 -> $2


+ Fixed a small bug with the procedural price generation algorithm


+ Fixed the base price of prescription drug to match wiki calculations

 $300 -> $500

(55) ed6a885[edit]

+ Fixed market commands sometimes not working after confirming with a reaction


+ Added trade icons in $$price to show which items can be traded on the market + Crude oil, wood, gold, and bauxite can now be traded on the market and can no longer be bought with $$buy

Update 1.5.11[edit]

(55) cc97ec6[edit]

+ Silicon and coal are now tradeable on the market and no longer buyable with $$buy

Update 1.5.10[edit]


+ Fixed a problem with Voter's Boon being calculated incorrectly


+ Fixed multiplier parsing for $$mbuy


+ Silver supporters on Patreon now also get Voter's Boon permanently without having to vote


+ Fixed market commands so the price can be optional if there is already an offer

(54) 78be296: Prices and Amounts[edit]

+ You can now use the following multipliers for amounts and prices in all commands

 k = x 1,000
 m = x 1,000,000
 b = x 1,000,000,000

+ You can now use 'all' or 'max' as quantities in $$marketsell

+ You can now use up to two decimal places in the price of market commands

+ $$sellall has been fixed for demolishing facilities

+ You can now use 'all' or 'max' as quantities when demolishing facilities

Update 1.5.9[edit]


+ Minor update to fix some small bugs


+ Updated some behind the scenes stuff for better Discord API support

(53) 7a4c97b[edit]

+ Jet fuel refining u now changes production time to 0:08 instead of 0:15

Update 1.5.8[edit]

(52) f79fab2[edit]

+ Market commands will also send a notification if the offer is completed instantly - this is to avoid confusion

+ Energy is now tradeable on the market

- Energy is no longer buyable with $$buy, but you can still sell it with $$sell

+ Fixed a few problems in the response text of some market commands

Update 1.5.7[edit]

(51) 57ddbd9[edit]

+ Add jet fuel refining u

 Also changes oil refinery production times to 0:15 from 0:30

Update 1.5.6[edit]

(50) a503fde[edit]

+ Fixed $$export not exporting technologies


+ Fixed bug involving $$install


+ Add formatting to asset amounts in market commands


+ Fixed bug with $$export not letting a lot of assets be exported


+ Fixed bug with $$build saying you can't build more than 8 research facility when trying to build something other than a research facility


+ Fix price bug introduced by the last update


+ Testing the waters of a player-driven economy with making jet fuel tradeable on the market

 Jet fuel is no longer buyable with $$buy, but (at least for now) you can still sell it with $$sell

+ Added better rarity information to $$research

Update 1.5.5[edit]


+ Improvements to the reliability of notifications related to voting


+ Facility icons now show up as a thumbnail in $$examine


+ Fixed blueprints showing up in $$price after the last update made them appear when they shouldn't

- Rockets are no longer buyable or sellable

(48) efa73b6[edit]

+ Technologies can now be exported

+You must now have a net worth of at least $5,000.00 to use $$voteballot

+ You must now have Voter's Boon to use $$voteballot

+ Updated verbiage on commands requiring region office

Update 1.5.4[edit]


+ Added $$up as alias for $$upgrade

+ Added 'log center', 'log expansion', 'log expansion u' aliases for logistics center, logistics expansion, and logistics expansion u respectively

= Changed how blueprint rarities are calculated

 1 research facility
 Superior: 1%
 Rare: 9%
 Uncommon: 35%
 Common: 55%
 2 research facilities
 Superior: 1%
 Rare: 9%
 Uncommon: 40%
 Common: 50%
 3 research facilities
 Superior: 1%
 Rare: 15%
 Uncommon: 50%
 Common: 34%
 4 research facilities
 Superior: 2%
 Rare: 15%
 Uncommon: 60%
 Common: 23%
 5 research facilities
 Superior: 5%
 Rare: 20%
 Uncommon: 70%
 Common: 5%
 6 research facilities
 Superior: 7.5%
 Rare: 30%
 Uncommon: 62.5%
 Common: 0%
 7 research facilities
 Superior: 7.5%
 Rare: 40%
 Uncommon: 52.5%
 Common: 0%
 8+ research facilities
 Superior: 10%
 Rare: 50%
 Uncommon: 40%
 Common: 0%

= Research time range has been changed from 2-4 hours to 2-3 hours

Update 1.5.3[edit]


+ Fixed slot numbers for $$offers

= Silicon mine production time has been changed 3:30 -> 3:20

= CPU factory production output has been changed 6x cpu -> 5x cpu

= Airport inputs has been changed

 Jet fuel 20x -> 20x (unchanged)
 Energy 10x -> 20x


+ Fix notifications sometimes being sent twice


= Airports' production time formula has been reworked

 It now depends on how many other airports you have in the current region
 At 1 airport it will be 0:30
 At 30+ airports it will be 1:00

= Changed airport tram to no longer reduce the time below 0:30

= Changed tourism campaign to no longer reduce the time below 0:30

= Changed research grant's energy price modifier from -10% -> +10%

= Blueprints now sell for 40% of their value ($4,000,000.00) instead of 100% ($10,000,000.00)

+ Added logistics expansion u as upgrade for logistics expansion

Update 1.5.2[edit]

= (45) 5c35fae[edit]

+ Assets can now be locked and unlocked to prevent it from being sold in $$sellall

 This setting is unique per region.

+ Added $$lockasset to prevent an asset from being sold when performing $$sellall

+ Added $$unlockasset to allow an asset to be sold again with $$sellall

+ Added icon to show an asset is locked in $$a

Update 1.5.1[edit]

(44) 0ab8999[edit]

+ Robotic automation's effect now stacks correctly

+ Your corporation is no longer listed in the leaderboards and does not have a rank by default due to privacy policies Potentially being able to link your account to a corporation name on the leaderboards is considered a breach of privacy

+ Added $$lboptin to opt-in to being listed on the leaderboards

+ Added $$lboptout to opt-out of being listed on the leaderboards

+ Added a link to the voting page in the vote reminder notification

(43) fe0375c[edit]

+ Show the value of asset stacks that can be sold in $$a

+ Added $$prices as alias to $$price

+ Added $$commands as alias to $$help

+ Updated formatting in $$help

- Removed $$claimvote from $$help

+ Update notifications to use a server's icon in the thumbnail

(42) 08a9f3b:: Votes + Market changes[edit]

+ Votes are now checked automatically

- $$claimvote is no longer needed

+ Added vote as a notification group

+ When exporting, trucks are now timed independently in each region

+ Added export as a notification group

+ Added a fee of 1.5% to market transactions

+ You now need a logistics center to submit market offers

+ You can now see the next upgrade of technology in $$examine

Update 1.5.0[edit]


+ $$motto now allows .,?! characters

+ Region codes for $$export should no longer be case sensitive


+ Made error messages for $$export more clear

+ Added tip to $$r to easily copy region code


+ Fix public logistics access not allowing players to export correctly


+ IdleCorp can now type messages with its keyboard


+ Bug fixes for $$export and $$c


+ Backend stability updates


+ Fix a bug where $$c would ignore messages if the target user is not found


+ Add new commands to $$help

(41) cea23d0: Markets[edit]

+ Added global player market for technologies

+ Added $$offers to view your offers

+ Added $$buyoffers to view buy offers for an asset

+ Added $$selloffers to view sell offers for an asset

+ Added $$marketbuy to submit buy offers from the market

+ Added $$marketsell to submit sell offers from the market

+ Added $$canceloffer to cancel an existing offer

+ Added market as a configurable notification group

Update 1.4[edit]

Update 1.4.7[edit]


+ Fix a bug causing ballots to not be updated correctly


+ Fix a bug causing the wrong capital to be displayed when doing $$donateservice

+ Fix a bug causing confirmation emotes to sometimes be ignored


+ Capital should no longer possibly be a corporation's primary product


+ Fix an issue causing notifications to sometimes be sent twice

(40) 803e2e5[edit]

+ Added notifications

 Currently just used for research, but will have more uses down the road

+ Added $$notification to show and change current notification settings

Update 1.4.6[edit]


+ Fix a bug causing ballots to not be updated correctly


+Fix a bug causing the wrong capital to be displayed when doing $$donateservice


+ Renamed 'utilization' -> 'efficiency' in $$f

+ Fixed an issue causing the net worth/hr to show $0 when buying inputs from the market rather than producing it with your facilities

 Same with efficiency

(37) 796b011[edit]

+ Fixed an issue causing some times longer than 1 hour to be displayed incorrectly

(36) 33ecd31[edit]

+ Fixed an issue involving crude oil derivatives and their utilization calculations


+ Added net profit/hr to $$f

+ Added 'utilization' percentage to $$f

 Utilization shows the percentage of actual output to the total potential output of a facility.
 A facility can have a utilization percentage lower than 100% if it's missing an input asset.


+ Fixed a bug introduced in the last update

(35) 8816c01[edit]

+ Added new rare technology and blueprint 'robotic automation'

 Changes all facilities you own in this region. Each facility now has 2.5% increased production.

+ Added new technology upgrade 'robotic automation u'

 Changes all facilities you own in this region. Each facility now has a 5% increased production.

+ Fixed Research facility rarity stacking not being calculated correctly

= Changed research rarities

 Superior: 2.5% = 2.5%
 Rare: 20% -> 10%
 Uncommon: 25% = 25%
 Common: 55% -> 65%

Update 1.4.5[edit]


+ Server Booster role now has the same benefits as Bronze Supporter (You can boost our community server to become a Bronze Supporter!)

+ Added reminder messages when using $$a and $$f in a region where you have no assets or facilities

+ Added 'logistics centre' as an alias for logistics center

+ Added 'research centre' as an alias for research facility


+ Improved accuracy of primary product on $$corp card


+ Fixed $$corp card not showing up in certain cases


+ Add alias $$cv for $$claimvote


+ Happiness can now be examined with $$examine

+ Same with reincorporation token and gratitude point


+ Fix issue with commands failing if the member is not in this server

(34) e7085ee[edit]

+ Added ability to redeem reincorporation tokens for tech slots

 Up to 6 total tech slots

+Added more benefits for Patreon supporters

 Gold supporters
 + Permanent Voter's Boon
 + 4x multiplier on $$claimvote
 + Reincorporation token cap of 12 per reincorporation
 Silver supporters
 + 3x multiplier on $$claimvote
 + Reincorporation token cap of 10 per reincorporation
 Bronze supporters
 + 2x multiplier on $$claimvote
 + Reincorporation token cap of 9 per reincorporation

+ Added $$patreon which shows all benefits and your current tier

Update 1.4.4[edit]


+ Improvements to production calculations


+ $$claimvote now also gives $1,000.00

+ Several commands have been updated to display your current capital after buying, selling, etc.


+ Added refresh button to $$price

+ Fixed price of energy not changing


+ $$corp cards are now colored based on your net worth

(33) 0987465[edit]

+ Research can now be expedited to finish instantly by spending 4 gratitude points

= Gratitude points can now only be claimed once every 12 hours

Update 1.4.3[edit]


+ Added $$changelog


+ $$sell can now accept 'all' as an amount

 $$sell coal all

+ $$export and $$buy can also accept 'all' as an amount

(32) 590f57d[edit]

= Tree farms now produce 2x of wood instead of 1x

= The random price deviation algorithm has been adjusted

 Chance for 35% deviation 1.8% -> 0.8%
 Chance for 12% deviation 28% -> 9%
 Chance for 6% deviation 70% -> 90%

+ Fixed $$corp card not showing up for corporations with no facilities

Update 1.4.2[edit]

(31) 75ed66c[edit]

+ Added new superior tech airport tram

 Airport tram reduces the time each airport takes by 4s

+ Added airport tram u tech

 Airport tram u reduces the time each airport takes by 8s

+ Added primary product in $$corp card

Update 1.4.1[edit]


+ Fixed $$sellall, whoops!


+ Fixed small bug allowing $$leaderboard server in DM

(30) e8a619e: Balance changes[edit]

=Airports' production time curve has been adjusted to be between 1:00 - 0:30 maxing out at airports in 30 unique regions

= Silicon mine output has been reduced 5x->4x silicon every 180s->210s

= Each research facility now increases a chance for superior blueprints by 0.75% from 2.5%

Update 1.4.0[edit]


+ $$leaderboard now recognizes the server parameter properly

+ Fixed character case sensitivity for some services and policies

Fixed issue outside of bot logic(no code)[edit]

+ Fixed an issue preventing services from being donated to


+ Fix verbiage in $$policies timer

(29) c236d8a: Services & Policies[edit]

+ Added services

 Services are region-wide buildings.
 Any corporation in the building can contribute to the building of a service.
 Services have special effects which you can see using the $$examine command.

+ Added policies

 Policies are effects that apply to the entire region.
 Policies can only be added or removed by the regional legislator (more on that below) once a day.
 Policies are funded by Funding points.
 Every region has 15 Funding points to start with, and certain policies can affect a region's funding.

+ Added regional legislator

 Every week, a ballot will run for the week.
 At the end of the ballot, the winner will be made the regional legislator.
 To join the ballot with $$joinballot will cost $10,000,000.00
 There is a limit of 10 members per ballot.
 Every corporation will be able to vote with $$voteballot once per ballot.
 You can vote for yourself, but if there is a tie, no one will be made the regional legislator.

+ Added $$policies to view the status of policies in the region.

+ Added policies and services to $$examine

+ Added policies and services to $$region card.

Update 1.3[edit]

Update 1.3.14[edit]


+ Added a refresh button to $$a and $$f


+ Also display facility icons in $$region


+ Fixed an issue with exporting assets to the PM region

(28) dfa86a1[edit]

+ Added icons for facilities

Update 1.3.13[edit]


+ Minor stability imporvements

+ Changed bot status to $$tutorial from $$help


+ Fix a bug with $$sellall giving more money than it should

 Affected corporations are currently being rolled back


+ Minor stability updates.

(27) eae0f83[edit]

= Completed goods that are not inputs for any facilities can no longer be bought.

+ Examining assets will now show aliases for that asset.

= Vote points have been renamed to gratitude points.

Update 1.3.12[edit]


+Fixed an issue with buying land when you have less than 10 across your entire corporation


+ Fix reactions not working in DMs

(26) 1464e8c[edit]

+ $$sellall will now sell ALL assets in a region if you don't specify an asset.

Update 1.3.11[edit]

(25) a689e0d[edit]

+ Fixed $$install eating up technologies if the same technology was already installed.

Update 1.3.10[edit]


+ Corporation founded date is now displayed in $$corporation


+ Stability updates

(24) 562605d[edit]

= Changed $$demolish value from 25% -> 40%

+ Added consumption and production of facilities to $$examine

+ Updated airport's display in $$faclist to reflect the minimum and maximum production times possible

Update 1.3.9[edit]


= Update airport facility recipe to be easier to maintain.

 1,000x jet fuel was too hard to achieve without buying jet fuel since each refinery only produces 1x of jet fuel.


+ Added $$botstats command for bot usage statistics

(23) 6aba41c[edit]

+ Added airport

 Consumes jet fuel which can be produced by oil refineries with the jet fuel refining technology installed.
 Airport production rate increases with each other region you have an airport built-in (up to once per 20s).

Update 1.3.8[edit]


+ Make the update work

(22) 3ede872[edit]

+ $$buy and $$sell now also work for facilities

Update 1.3.7[edit]


+ Fix a bug with the $$buy command

(21) 5a8cfa3[edit]

+ $$price will now tell you the price of facilities in addition to assets.

+ Fixed upgraded technologies not doing anything.

Update 1.3.6[edit]


+ Added syntax warning for $$upgrade.

(20) d4dea27[edit]

+ Added $$upgrade command to upgrade technologies by combining multiples of the same technology.

= Changed chances for rarities from research.

 Superior: 1% -> 2.5%
 Rare: 19% -> 17.5%
 Uncommon: 35% -> 35%
 Common: 45% -> 45%
 Each additional research facility you own in the same region will now improve chances for Superior by 2.5% and reduce the chance for Common by 2.5%

+ All research now takes between 2 and 4 hours instead of being determined by the rarity roll.

Update 1.3.5[edit]

+ Changed $$export to display region code instead of server ID.

+ Fixed bug with $$sid and $$region showing the wrong region code.

Update 1.3.4[edit]

+ Added a couple technologies and associated blueprints:

 Uncommon: bauxite detector
 Common: log loader, coal detector

- Removed the rarity icon from the research complete message.

+ Added rarity colors to the research complete message, blueprint command, and examine command

+ Blueprints can now be sold

Update 1.3.3[edit]

+ Added several new assets and facilities:

 LED, lamp, bauxite, aluminum, cotton, polyester, clothing, research chemical, prescription drug, CCD, digital camera

+ Added regional modifiers for `bauxite mine`, prescription drug factory, and digital camera factory

Update 1.3.2[edit]

+ Added installation fee of $500,000.00 to $$install

+ Added more aliases for research facility

Update 1.3.1[edit]

= Reworked research outcome chances to make it more common to receive rarer blueprints.

= Updated values of blueprints to include value of energy spent.

= Updated values of technologies to include value of blueprint consumed.

+ Updated net worth to also include installed technologies.

+ Fixed $$liquidate not accounting for installed technologies.

Update 1.3.0 :Research[edit]

+ Added research facility

 Allows you to perform research by typing $$research.

+ Added $$research command

 Allows you to begin research as well as check on research in progress.
 Research takes a random amount of time and yields a blueprint for technologies.

+ Added $$blueprint command

 Allows you to see what is required to develop the technology from a blueprint.

+ Added blueprint requirements to $$examine

+ Added $$develop command

 Allows you to develop an installable technology by consuming the blueprint and the required assets.

+Added $$install and $$uninstall commands

 Allows you to install and uninstall technologies.

+Added a display of currently installed technologies in $$corporation

Update 1.2[edit]

Update 1.2.13[edit]

+ Added $$examine command to examine assets (icons coming soon!)

+ Fully supported fix for $$export, $$name, and $$motto

Update 1.2.12[edit]

+ Fixes a bug involving gas stations.

+ Temporary fix for $$export, $$name, and $$motto

Update 1.2.11[edit]

+ Added $$prefix command to change the command prefix for your server.

Update 1.2.10[edit]

+ Fix buy limit becoming negative when owning more than ~20 logistics centers

Update 1.2.9[edit]

+ Added $$invite to quickly get a link to invite the bot to your servers.

+ Added $$land to see how much land you own.

Update 1.2.8[edit]

+ Fixed an issue with capital produced by gas stations disappearing.

+ Display hourly buy limit left in $$bal

+ Added link to wiki for $$faclist

Update 1.2.7[edit]

+ Added gold mine and television factory facilities.

 Both facilities will also have regional modifiers.

+ Variance of regional modifiers has been reduced slightly.

+ Updated idle production algorithm to prioritize facilities that produce more valuable outputs.

Update 1.2.6[edit]

+ Regional production modifiers added for gasoline engine factory, car factory, laptop factory, coal plant.

Update 1.2.5[edit]

+ Improvements to how facility production is calculated over region modifier changes.

Update 1.2.4[edit]

+ Added independent modifiers for each mineral.

+ Added display for the production time in addition to the modifier in the current region in $$r

+ Added global leaderboards through $$lb

Update 1.2.3[edit]

+ Added display for how much time is left before region production modifiers change and when market prices change.

Update 1.2.2[edit]

+ Fixed production periods for certain facilities in $$faclist.

+ Added $$capital command to quickly check your current capital.

Update 1.2.1[edit]

+ Added a quick $$tutorial

Update 1.2.0[edit]

+ Each Discord server is now considered its own region.

+ Each region has four production modifiers that affect "gathering" facilities.

 Soil Health - modifies farming facilities (tree farm)
 Mineral Concentration - modifies facilities which mine minerals (coal mine, iron mine, silicon mine)
 Oil Concentration - modifies facilities which extract oil (oil well)
 Solar Irradiance - modifies facilities which use solar irradiance for power (solar power plant)

+ You can view your region's modifiers on its region card with $$r

+Server IDs are now region codes.

 $$serverid now has the aliases $$regioncode and $$rc
 $$export now requires you to use a region code instead of a server ID.

-Region Code has been removed from your corporation card.

+ Instead, Region Code has been added to the region card.

Update 1.1[edit]

Update 1.1.7[edit]

= Price of name change is now 2 vote points.

+ Added asset 'rocket'.

= The remaining hourly asset limit now only shows up if you have more capital than your current limit.

Update 1.1.6[edit]

= Market prices now change every hour again.

+ There is now a buy limit for purchasing assets of $1m. Each logistics center you own in that server will increase your asset purchase limit by $1m.

+ Voter's Boon now also gives you an additional 10% on your hourly asset purchase limit.

Fixes: + Navigating between pages of assets, facilities, etc. should now be fixed for certain users.

Update 1.1.5[edit]

+ You can now use reincorporation tokens on land discounts. Check $$usetoken to see how!

+ You can now include an amount with the $$usetoken command to use more than one token at a time.

= Using reincorporation tokens on land now gives you 4x land.

= Market prices now only change every 12 hours.

 This is to encourage more cross-server play. Being able to play the market on an hourly basis was more volatile than intended and didn't promote as much cross-server play.

Irrelevant stuff:

+ Minor improvements to $$buyall performance.

+ Commas in places where amounts of assets or facilities are displayed.

Update 1.1.4[edit]

+ You can now $$buyall

+ Using $$price without any asset name will now show a list of the prices of all assets

= Market "volatility" has been adjusted:

 70% of the time: +- 6%
 28% of the time: +- 12%
 1.8% of the time: +- 35%
 0.2% of the time: +- 60%

+ Car Factory has been added. Check $$faclist to see what it does!

Update 1.1.3[edit]

+ Added $$serverid command for being able to quickly copy a server id on mobile for exports.

+ Added $$motto command to change a server's motto that will show up in your corporation profile.

+ Added a `vote score` that tracks total vote points regardless of how many points you use.

Update 1.1.2[edit]

+ You can now perform reincorporation (the name I've given to the rebirth mechanic) and receive reincorporation tokens for every billion dollars of net worth up to 8x tokens. These tokens will be able to be consumed to give you free land at any point in the game.

+ Liquidation of your corporation's facilities, land, and assets on a given server is now possible.

Update 1.1.1[edit]

+ You now only have one corporation across all servers.

 Each server is considered its own "region" which means facilities, land, and assets are still unique to each server.
 Capital, vote points, and your corporation name are now the same across all servers.

+ Exporting now has a fee of 3.5%.

 The fee is calculated based on the total asset value of the destination region.

Update 1.1.0[edit]

+ You are now able to sell assets to other servers' economies by using the $$export command.

 As long as you have a logistics center built on both servers, you will be able to export to that server and take advantage of the market prices on that server.

+ There's now a chance that the price will fluctuate up to 90%. The table in the previous announcement will be updated to reflect this.

+ Gasoline Engine Factory has been added. Check $$faclist to see what it does!

Update 1.0[edit]

Update 1.0.3[edit]

+ Prices of assets will now fluctuate and be unique to each Discord server.

 These prices will change every hour.
 Here's a breakdown of the "range of fluctuation":
   60% of the time it will be +- 6% of the base price
   36% of the time it will be +- 12%
   3.8% of the time it will be +- 35%
   0.2% of the time it will be +- 90%

=Output of Solar Power Plant has been reduced again 100 -> 60

 Being able to produce large amounts of energy without sacrificing any other land slots has made Solar Power Plants incredibly overpowered.

= Output of Gas Station has been increased $12.50 -> $15.00

 The display for assets produced has also been modified in $$faclist to make it more clear how much the gas station would produce

Update 1.0.2[edit]

= Energy output of Solar Power Plant reduced to 100 from 120

+ Added Rocket Fuel Factory

Update 1.0.1[edit]

+ Facilities that were not performing their recipes should now behave as intended.