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Policies are a way to change the region's functionality, whether that be through speeding up research times, new grants, or making items cheaper.

To add a policy, type in: $$addpolicy <policy>

To remove it, type in: $$removepolicy <policy>

A policy can't have it's added/removed state changed more than once a day.

Here is the list of policies:

Solar subsidies -10% solar power plant build price, -10% energy price

Public logistics access All corporations can export and buy assets as if they had an additional logistics center in this region (this does not affect market access), +10% to all facilities' build price

Regional planning -25% to all facilities' build price, +5% to land price

Tourism campaign -4s to airport production time (but never less than 0:30), airports require an additional 4x of jet fuel

Low income tax +2 Happiness in a region

Research grant -10:00 research time, +10% energy price

Organic farming +10% to Soil health, +10% to all farms' build price

High income tax -5 Happiness in a region, +5 Funding points

Land grant -5% to land price, +25% to all facilities' build price

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