Galactic Expedition

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This theme have been appeared since the 1.12 update. The Galactic Expedition update includes the facilities, the assets and the galactic expedition.

There is a command ($$orbit) that can view your orbit status.


The new and related facilities include: space station and rocket launch pad. You need rocket paunch pad to construct space station.


The new assets include: space station parts, rocket (rebuilt), rocket fuel (rebuilt). And others like galactic coordinates and relics.

Galactic Expedition[edit]

You need space station to do any galactic expeditions, galactic expeditions provide you some assets and relics for the reward.

Every time you do the expedition, it costs you a galactic coordinate with the relative difficulty, a rocket and a certain amount of rocket fuel. It has a chance to be succeed, the base chance and level bonus, the level bonus is based on the level of your space station. You will get a damage on failure with space station parts.

Every level of the expeditions has different values on the cost on rocket fuel, different success chances and the damage when you fail the expedition. More information about each level and difficulty, check out in galactic coordinate page.