Furniture factory

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Cost $450, 5,000x wood,
100x steel
Total Cost $2,000
Inputs 10x wood
Outputs 1x furniture
Production interval 4 minutes
Production/Hour 15x furniture
Profit/Min $15.00
Profit/Hour $900.00
Return On Investment 0.731%
furniture factory, furniturefactory, furni fac
furniture fac, furni factory,

The furniture factory is a facility that produces 1x furniture every 4 minutes.

You need 5/36 of a Tree farm to sustain this. In other words, 5 Tree farm can fuel 36 Furniture factory.

Logistics Center[edit]

This factory is considered by many players to be a key factory. You NEED this factory to progress to getting a logistics center, which is where you can generally get aided by other players for resources. Want to get a good retail set-up? You need others to give you the resources. Want to be an end-product wholesaler? You need CPUs and other penultimate tier resources. The fact that a logistics center is pretty much necessary makes furniture factories also necessary.


Later on, when mass reincorporating without the free logistics center from the season pass, the speed one can get the 250 furniture requirement to build the logistics center can make or break your tokens attained in a certain timeframe by a large margin.

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